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News from Classics for Kids® • March 2018
OF NOTE is a service of Classics for Kids, the award-winning program that is designed to introduce children to classical music in a fun and entertaining way.

This Month:

In March, Classics for Kids® is proud to celebrate Women's History Month, with a collection of brand new shows that highlight the role women have played in music throughout history. You can learn all about women composers, conductors, performers and hear about women in world history who inspired classical music compositions. You will enjoy these five new programs:

  1. Women in History and Classical Music
  2. Women Composers of the Past
  3. Contemporary Women Composers
  4. What's It Like to Be a Conductor?
  5. Great Women Performers

Download this month's activity sheet

New Games Now Available!

We hope you've visited our new, improved, and more responsive website and have discovered great new ways to integrate the programs, activity sheets, audio, and more into your home and classroom.

Now, to make the learning even more fun, we've added two brand-new games: "Compose Your Own Music" and "Match the Rhythm." Try them out and let us know what you think!

Next Month:

Hungarian dances and perhaps the most famous lullaby in history. This month, we'll look at the life of one of the 3 B's of classical music, Johannes Brahms.

  1. About Johannes Brahms
  2. The Brahms Hungarian Dances
  3. Hungarian Dancing
  4. Classical Music Featuring Dances from European Countries

For Parents:

Encourage your child's creativity by letting them create their own music with one of our new games: Compose Your Own Music

For Teachers:

We hope you'll take advantage of our new Women's History Month programs - here's the rundown of each program for you: Women in Classical Music

Our Bulletin Board:

Classics for Kids is for YOU - whether you are a parent or a teacher, a music student or music lover. Everything on is free to use and to share. We hope you enjoy the new games, visuals, and responsiveness of the redesigned site. Please tell us what you think, share how you're using the Classics for Kids resources, and we'd really love to hear from kids! Post comments, suggestions, artwork, etc. to Classics for Kids Bulletin Board.

All of the latest Classics for Kids programs can be downloaded as a podcast or heard through your mobile device. Find Classics for Kids on iTunes, Google Play, Stiticher or on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android Device with the WGUC Public Radio App. You'll find Classics for Kids® at the On Demand tab.

"Great music... is a direct spiritual connection to the eternal."

Anne Boyd


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